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[Mar. 26th, 2006|03:45 pm]
Alternative Exhibitionists


well if anyone is interested, i am taking apps to be part of a new website project. If you are interested in making money from your pix, hit me up here or by email. basically i will host your sets for free, and if people want to view them, you get all the money.. you even decide what to charge per view.. the theme is an alterna/goth one, adult in nature, and you can also sell vids and assorted sundries.. its all free to you and you make all the profit from your own pix, and maintain ownership as well.. there will be forums and chats and such as well.. what will i get out of this? traffic to my other sites and affiliate plans, so its not all altruistic, but letting the models themselves set the prices, maintain full ownership of their pix and make all the money from the sales is pretty revolutionary.. and everyone can use free hosting and such eh?

this is perfect for those with sets but no interest in spending money on their own site