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[Feb. 14th, 2006|01:21 am]
Alternative Exhibitionists


there are a few of ya that have either expressed interest in or already have adult sites, or are models, photogs etc... I have a new site ready to launch, which is not only going to be a great resource for newbies, but a forum to discuss issues, link lists to promote your stuff, articles and such on getting into either porn online or just running affiliate sites. Also there will be a web surfers section, for those looking for porn, and picture galleries for those looking to let their inner exhibitionist out. Hopefuilly this will be a great resource for learning but also for promoting yourself as a model, photog, site designer, whatever.. or just to pimp your site for search engine optimization..

so the site is prelaunch, and isnt completed, but if you want to scoop up your fave username (its free but you have to register) i wanted to make it available to yall early cause i am cool like that

also, if anyone wants to mod a forum, let me know and if you do i will give you free promotion in our banner revolving thing throughout the site for the length of your modship

the site is Adult-Porn-Affiliates so i would appreciate y'all checkin it out if you are interested..